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In the case of the VMware NSXv plugin a admin may create a provider network that is an existing port group. This port group will not have the name of the neutron network UUID as it was not created by neutron. But the name will be tne network label.
Currently the VMware driver enables setting CPU limits and shares. The Blueprint extends that to enable setting the following limits: and shares: - disk ( - memory (
VMware: support rescue images for OpenStack Compute (nova)
The BP added support to enable the rescue operation to happen with any image. This adds the necessary support to the Vmware driver
VMware: better display names on the backend for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Currently it is terribly difficult to debug issues on the back end. On of the pain points is the way in why the back end objects are named. This blueprint will do two things: 1. It will make use of folder name for OpenStack objects. Currently all of the objects are in the root folder and this does not give an admin ...
Enable volume creation to get volume type for OpenStack Compute (nova)
At the moment when one boots and creates a volume the volume creation does not enable the caller to pass the volume type. The default volume type is used. This will enable the caller to leverage the volume types that are available to them.