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VMware: Storage based policy support for OpenStack Compute (nova)
The blueprint will add the ability to assign a storage policy to a instance. The datastore that is selected for the instance will match the predefined storage policy. The blueprint with be implemented by Sabari Murugesan and Gary Kotton
V3 Diagnostics for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Currently there is no defined format for VM diagnostics. In the review process of the VMware support for diagnostics it was decided that namespaces will be used for the diagnostics. This BP will ensure that all of the drivers that provide VM diagnostics will have a consistent format. In addition to the predeifned d...
VMware: support for vif hotplug for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Support for hotpluging virtual network cards into instances has already been implemented in the libvirt driver: The plan is to add the same support into the VMware driver.
VMware: Image Cache Management for OpenStack Compute (nova)
At the moment there is an image cache. This is not managed at all and in time cached images may use of all of the disk space on the data store. The blueprint will enable one or more nova-compute instances to populate and age the cache. The blueprint will deal with the following: 1. Refactor the file uploading to the...
VM Ensembles for OpenStack Compute (nova)
This document introduces the concept of a VM ensemble or VM group into Nova. An ensemble will provide the tenant the ability to group together VMs that provide a certain service or part of the same application. More specifically it enables configuring scheduling policies per group. This will in turn allow for a more...

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