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Cells instance migration for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Now that there’s a table to map instances to cells it needs to be populated with data on instances that existed prior to its creation and usage.
Enable volume creation to get volume type for OpenStack Compute (nova)
At the moment when one boots and creates a volume the volume creation does not enable the caller to pass the volume type. The default volume type is used. This will enable the caller to leverage the volume types that are available to them.
VMware NSXv Support for OpenStack Compute (nova)
This blueprint enables support in Nova for the VMware NSXv Neutron plugin. This plugin was added in the Kilo cycle. The plugin can be found at: The following support needs to be added to nova: 1. VNIC index - th...
Enable setting memory, disk and vnic limits for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Currently the VMware driver enables setting CPU limits and shares. The Blueprint extends that to enable setting the following limits: and shares: - disk ( - memory (
VMware driver domain metadata for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Metadata will be recorded in the Vmware instance config spec to provide information about the Nova instance that the domain corresponds to. The aim is to provide information that can be useful to administrators troubleshooting compute hosts. This is the same as the libvirt support -

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