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VMware: Expand Opaque Network Support for OpenStack Compute (nova)
The original support for Opaque networks make use of a configuration flag indicating that a global integration bridge was configured on the ESX host. If this global integration bridge was used then that would be selected as the opaque network. The next generation NSX neutron plugin will not make use of the integrat...
VMware: better display names on the backend for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Currently it is terribly difficult to debug issues on the back end. On of the pain points is the way in why the back end objects are named. This blueprint will do two things: 1. It will make use of folder name for OpenStack objects. Currently all of the objects are in the root folder and this does not give an admin ...
Enable volume creation to get volume type for OpenStack Compute (nova)
At the moment when one boots and creates a volume the volume creation does not enable the caller to pass the volume type. The default volume type is used. This will enable the caller to leverage the volume types that are available to them.
VM Ensembles for OpenStack Compute (nova)
This document introduces the concept of a VM ensemble or VM group into Nova. An ensemble will provide the tenant the ability to group together VMs that provide a certain service or part of the same application. More specifically it enables configuring scheduling policies per group. This will in turn allow for a more...

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