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Manage in a Generic way a cart discount for Magento OpenERP Connector
Trouble: - No generic way to deal with discount on order and manage the related taxes ! - We can add some stuffs like additionnal shipping costs and so, but no generix way to deal with + or - on an order - No way to deal with the "contre-remboursement" shipping method (the customer pay at his door, which generate m...
Trouble: When running sync, we reach the timeout of the client and get no infos about what's goes wrong (or even if it goes well !). No feedback given when something bad happened. Worst, the process stops if something wrong on one entry, blocking all others. It also use lots of system resources cause not threaded. ...
Trouble : Importing SO in OpenERP is based on last SO N°, so if you you import 1,2,4 and have trouble with 3, you will never get it again. This is also problematic when modifying a Magento order. Suggested solution: Add a timestamp as a flag on the SO (both side) and baed the importation on it. This will allow us...

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