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Support for the deployment of Ceph via puppet-ceph is deprecated from the Pike release, yet necessary up to and inclusing the Queens release to permit FFU from the Newton release given the migration to ceph-ansible happens only during the final steps. Support for puppet-ceph should be removed in Rocky.
In a multi-site scenario, for the rbdmirror daemon to work it is necessary for the two Ceph clusters to have a different name. We need to make it possible to customize the Ceph cluster name.
Switch ceph-ansible to use external_deploy_tasks so that it's supported by config-download.
It seems interesting to be able to deploy multiple Ceph clusters in the overcloud when there are multiple OpenStack AZs As per PTG, we should try using custom roles, tag the roles, bound clusters to tags and use role_parameters so that we can pass role specific settings.

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