This is the place to get packages of GlusterFS & related things
maintained by the GlusterFS community.

File bugs against Gluster at

For bugs in glusterfs-coreutils open a gitub issue at

For bugs in storhaug open a gitub issue at

For problems with GlusterFS, glusterfs-coreutils, and storhaug _packaging_ open a github issue at

For bugs in nfs-ganesha and libntirpc, open a github issue in or

For problems with NFS-Ganesha and libntirpc packaging open a github issue at

NOTE: 3.8 (LTM), 3.9 (STM), 3.10 (LTM), 3.11 (STM), 3.13 (STM), and 4.0 (STM) have reached EOL; the 3.8 and 3.9 repos will be deleted on 30 June, the 3.11 repo will be deleted on 31 August, and the 3.13 repo on 31 October.

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