The gNewSense project describes itself as "A GNU/Linux distribution, that takes all the non-free blobs out of a rather popular distribution and makes it free." Our current major release is the 2.x series, but 3.x is being worked on, based on Debian.

The gNewSense website can be found at .

This team is *unofficial*. It is not endorsed by the gNewSense project. It is manned and managed by a group of gNewSense volunteers who want to make working with our upstream for the 1x and 2x releases easier for both sides.

A note on subscribing to the team:
If you apply to join the team, you will be refused unless a team administrator can contact you, or you have a Launchpad page which describes you. If an administrator can't contact you, We have no way of finding out who you are.

The gNewSense team is a team responsible for filing and monitoring bugs relevant to gNewSense GNU/Linux in Launchpad.

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