I've been an enthusiast of GNU/Linux/BSD since I first tried SUSE 4.2 in 1996, after miserably failing to install a Red Hat distro. Those were tough times for installing a double boot system with Linux, I can tell you. Many times I would install a new distro only to see a terminal screen that I could make no use of. Happily Linux has come a long way since then in terms of friendliness, ease of use and useful software. I might be considered a senior if time means anything at all for that matter. I use mainly Ubuntu and often take a look at many other distros, particularly when there are news regarding major improvements or special features.

I believe in the cause of GNU as defined by RMS. I think it has a bright future, and history will judge GNU as a cornerstone for a free universal access to software technology. The importance of this is immense in combination with the Internet. For the first time the limit of access to technology depends on each one of us, not so much on the means anyone has. As for the future, I somehow believe personal computing will be fundamentally based on the Internet and hope that Free software extends to any device connected to it.

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