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Add metadata to all share resources for OpenStack Shared File Systems Service (Manila)
Metadata encompasses flexible key=value pairs to attach useful optional/additional information to resources. In Manila, there are several resources that users interact with. The goal of this specification is that all "user facing" resources must metadata and we must provide a way to manipulate them. User facing reso...
Many actions in manila are asynchronous. The API service responds immediately to requests, but the fulfillment of the request can take a while. As a usability enhancement, we must introduce a "--wait" option to the CLI Expected workflow: 1) Creating a share $ manila create nfs 10 --name testshare --wait <CLI wait...
Make share shrinking support a capability for OpenStack Shared File Systems Service (Manila)
Manila supports end users discovering capabilities with the help of tenant-visible extra specs. This approach makes it very easy for cloud administrators (that understand their backend storage systems) to provide a storage service catalog on their clouds. Shared file systems are inherently elastic, however, there ...
As an OpenStack administrator, I want to be able to specify exactly what storage protocols are enabled on my cloud per storage backend, and allow share creation only based off those protocols. As an end-user, I want to know what protocols are supported on a Manila offering so that I don't get spurious errors when ...
The Storage Service Catalog for the NetApp cDOT driver is refreshed every hour (a value hardcoded in the driver). We need to make this option configurable so that pools that are created are picked up at a faster(or slower) rate.