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The Unified Driver for NetApp Storage in Cinder supports two families of ONTAP: 7mode and Clustered Data ONTAP. ONTAP 7 is now officially nearing the end-of-life of product support. The deprecation notice for these drivers in Cinder has been issued in the Newton Release and their removal was slated or Queens. Depr...
Phase 1: Intra-cluster migration support Phase 2: Inter-cluster migration support
The Storage Service Catalog for the NetApp cDOT driver is refreshed every hour (a value hardcoded in the driver). We need to make this option configurable so that pools that are created are picked up at a faster(or slower) rate.
Snapshot Replica CLI commands for python-manilaclient
show, list and reset-state
In Mitaka, the API and scheduler supported DHSS=True by default, however, no drivers implemented this feature. To truly support DHSS=True, share networks in Manila need to consider multi-subnet configuration. Drivers may also need more/different information during share creation, replica creation and promotion.

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