Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
ucblogo Ubuntu Xenial 5.5-2.1build1 None
cam Ubuntu Xenial 1.05-8build1 None
libstroke Debian Sid 0.5.1-6.1 None
cutils Debian Sid 1.6-3.1 None
gmfsk Debian Sid 0.6+0.7pre1-2.3 None
xpdf Debian Lenny 3.02-1.4+lenny4 None
sortmail Ubuntu Oneiric 1:2.4-1ubuntu1 None
podracer Ubuntu Maverick 1.4-1.1 None
gnucap Ubuntu Lucid 1:0.35-1.2 None
gnucap Debian Sid 1:0.35-1.2 None
podracer Debian Sid 1.4-1.1 None
gmfsk Ubuntu Lucid 0.6+0.7pre1-2.2 None
xpdf-korean Debian Lenny 1:20040727-1 None
xpdf-japanese Debian Lenny 1:20040727-1 None
xpdf-chinese-traditional Debian Lenny 1:20040727-1 None
xpdf-chinese-simplified Debian Lenny 20040727-1 None
ucblogo Debian Lenny 5.5-2.1 None
sortmail Debian Lenny 1:2.4-1 None
podracer Debian Lenny 1.4-1 None
libstroke Debian Lenny 0.5.1-6 None
guile-gtk-1.2 Debian Lenny 0.31-5.1 None
gpredict Debian Lenny 0.8.0-2 None
gnucap Debian Lenny 1:0.35-1.1 None
gmfsk Debian Lenny 0.6+0.7pre1-2.1 None
cutils Debian Lenny 1.6-3 None
cam Debian Lenny 1.05-8 None
atp Debian Lenny 1.2-11 None
ucblogo Ubuntu Intrepid 5.5-2.1 None
verilog Ubuntu Intrepid 0.8.5-1.2 None
gnucap Ubuntu Intrepid 1:0.35-1.1 None
gmfsk Ubuntu Intrepid 0.6+0.7pre1-2.1 None
guile-gtk-1.2 Ubuntu Hardy 0.31-5.1build1 None
gpredict Ubuntu Hardy 0.8.0-2 None
libstroke Ubuntu Hardy 0.5.1-6 ppc64el arm64
verilog Ubuntu Gutsy 0.8.5-1 None
gtkwave Ubuntu Gutsy 3.0.25-1 None
verilog Ubuntu Feisty 0.8-4.2 None
xpdf Ubuntu Edgy 3.01-9ubuntu1.1 None
xpdf Ubuntu Dapper 3.01-7ubuntu0.1 None
xpdf Ubuntu Breezy 3.01-1ubuntu1.1 None
xpdf Ubuntu Feisty 3.01-9ubuntu2 None
www-sql Ubuntu Feisty 0.5.7-20 None
geda-gschem Ubuntu Feisty 20061020-2ubuntu1 None
libgeda Ubuntu Feisty 20061020-3 None
geda-utils Ubuntu Feisty 20061020-2 None
geda-gsymcheck Ubuntu Feisty 20061020-2 None
geda-gnetlist Ubuntu Feisty 20061020-2 None
geda-gattrib Ubuntu Feisty 20061020-2 None
wsjt Ubuntu Feisty 5.9.6.r309-2 None
geda-symbols Ubuntu Feisty 20061020-1 None
geda-examples Ubuntu Feisty 20061020-1 None
geda-doc Ubuntu Feisty 20061020-1 None
xastir Ubuntu Feisty 1.8.4-2 None
guile-gtk-1.2 Ubuntu Feisty 0.31-5.1 None
gpredict Ubuntu Feisty 0.6.1-1 None
gnucap Ubuntu Feisty 1:0.35-1 None
acfax Ubuntu Feisty 981011-11 None
pcb Ubuntu Edgy 20060822-1 None
geda-gschem Ubuntu Edgy 20060906-1ubuntu1 None
libgeda Ubuntu Edgy 20060906-1 None
geda-utils Ubuntu Edgy 20060906-1 None
geda-symbols Ubuntu Edgy 20060906-1 None
geda-gsymcheck Ubuntu Edgy 20060906-1 None
geda-gnetlist Ubuntu Edgy 20060906-1 None
geda-gattrib Ubuntu Edgy 20060906-1 None
geda-examples Ubuntu Edgy 20060906-1 None
geda-doc Ubuntu Edgy 20060906-1 None
gmfsk Ubuntu Edgy 0.6+0.7pre1-2build1 None
gerbv Ubuntu Edgy 1.0.2-1 None
gpredict Ubuntu Edgy 0.5.3-2 None
xastir Ubuntu Edgy 1.8.2-1 None
xsmc-calc Ubuntu Edgy 1.0.0-5 None
verilog Ubuntu Edgy 0.8-4.1 None
tqsllib Ubuntu Edgy 2.0-5 None
podracer Ubuntu Edgy 1.4-1 None
175 of 191 results