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Adopt futurist library for oslo.utils
Adopt futurist library
The goal of this library would be to provide well documented state machine classes/utilities that start of with the a basic set and can expand into a larger set as time goes on. The state machine pattern (or the implemented variation there-of) is a commonly used pattern and has a multitude of various usages.
The documentation for the upgrade() indicates that it's purpose is to allow a storage connection to "Migrate the persistence backend to the most recent version". The name 'upgrade()' and the documentation implies that this method only needs to be called if the user expects or desires the backend 'schema' to be u...
Not related to arnold schwarzenegger... Also note, not related to clint eastwood in See:
Instead (or in addition to) of scanning classes/modules for tasks when a worker program starts up we should also make it possible to use/provide entrypoints (or a list of entrypoints) and then interact with stevedore to find and load the tasks provided by these entrypoints.

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