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This blueprint is to promote code from Horizon to Oslo for use across OpenStack projects. http://docs.openstack.org/developer/horizon/sourcecode/horizon/horizon.utils.memoized.html I have seen a number of patches where people have begun to implement their own caches in dictionaries. This typically confuses the cod...
Service Validation for oslo-incubator
This feature request allows a service to register validators to be executed on the service's configuration before the service launches. It will allow any tier inside the service from driver to conductor to register an object implementing the validator API which the service may then use to run validation tests. * an...
VMware: automated WSDL repair for OpenStack Compute (nova)
older vSphere releases will have a problem in the WSDL files that will cause a problem with SUDS. A simple tool chain can allow system administrators the ability to cache their WSDL files locally on their Nova compute node so that they do not have to create custom WSDL or resort to other work-arounds to properly cre...

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