Well for those that don’t know me, I am a Unix guy, my name is Philip Herron. I am a member of the local LUG (Belfast Linux User Group) and I maintain most of the content on the wiki. I am a Hacker and Unix Systems administrator, I recently completed an Intern-ship with SAP Research Belfast where i was general Unix hacker and Unix ERP Admin, as well as Unix tutorials. Now I am in limbo, I am back at university to complete my studies ( Mathematics and Computer Science ) part time this year since i have many projects on the go these days the main of which are:

My main interests are Compilers, Virtual Machines, Interpreters and Languages, I have been designing my own language called ‘Crules’ (bad name i know, never let hackers make names for projects -Fabsh from Linux Outlaws ) which is dynamic language with the focus on being very expressive by mixing functional language ideas from Haskell with procedural or imperative languages like Perl and Python with some of my own ides such as rules and a spin on the ‘where’ clause. With much work gone into this I am beginning to get involved with GCC and the ParrotVM projects with a future look at LLVM when my JIT work starts. I also do Linux System Admin jobs and Mathematics and Physics tutoring for A-levels and GCSE students.

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