This team keeps track of Hugin's bugs, feature requests, patch submissions.

We triage new tickets and sort / categorize / follow up / prioritize existing ones to help developers see through the whole pile.

Development knowledge of Hugin is not a requirement at this stage. To be a significant team player all you need is to be a power user with some time available to:
* read newly entered tickets (you will be notified by email)
* test on your side if you can reproduce the situation reported
* give an initial answer/evaluation if applicable
* follow up with the reporter(s) if applicable
* follow up with the developer(s) who decided to tackle the ticket if applicable, e.g. testing experimental fixes and getting early access to new, cool stuff (just teasing you into getting involved).

Our current goal, after the migration from SourceForge November 22 2010, is to go through all open tickets (398 imported, plus the new ones that will follow soon) and triage them all (i.e. get rid of the "new" status).

After that, our goal will be that no newly entered ticket is left in "new" status for longer than one week. This excludes tickets that are reset to "new" status during a follow up, as this may mean that new information awaits the developers and there is not much a triager can do at this later stage.

* The team is moderated. Admission is granted liberally to those making themselves known through participation in the tracker and/or on the mailing list
* Membership is for a 365 days period, after which you are invited to subscribe again or let your membership lapse if you lost interest

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