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my projects
 • BatteryStatus [http://launchpad.net/battery-status]
 • GruBoot [http://launchpad.net/gruboot]
 • cryptutil [http://launchpad.net/cryptutil]

my interests:
 • Free Software
 • Linux kernel internals
 • UNIX-based operating systems
 • Application development (and everything around it)
 • Usability, HCI and Interface design
 • Power Management
 • Storage technologies and Cloud computing
 • Security and cryptography

my working environment:
 • Maverick Meerkat @ HP ProBook 5320m
 • Lucid Lynx @ Dell Inspiron 630m
 • Lucid Lynx @ Dell Dimension 4600

my profiles
 • github [http://ia.github.com]

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All assigned blueprints Assigned blueprints

Support for encrypt/decrypt block devices via Cryptsetup/dm-crypt/LUKS
Wireless interfaces switcher for Battery Status
Switcher right in the main menu for available wireless modules/interfaces such as bluetooth, wifi, etc.