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add memory quota in flavor extra specs for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Currently nova has supportted setting cpu quota.I think we should support setting memory QOS too. we could use libvirt's parameter "memtune" to implement it. <memtune>     <hard_limit unit='G'>1</hard_limit>     <soft_limit unit='M'>128</soft_limit>     <swap_hard_limit unit='G'>2</swap_hard_limit>     <min_guarante...
There is the delete_on_termination option for attaching volume when creating a server but not for an existing server. So when delete the server may be two cases although the delete_on_termination option is true, one the attached volume can be deleted, the other is not. Attach a volume when creating a server, the AP...
Add a new driver for HuaweiUVP for OpenStack Compute (nova)
HuaweiUVP is a Huawei unitive virtualization platform based on open source hypervisor. HuaweiUVP provides virtualization service with high performance and high availability, support for the mainstream hardware and GuestOS. HuaweiUVP provides the following virtualization enhanced features: 1, GPU Sharing GPU sha...

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