Brandon Holtsclaw

Personal Projects and Blog: updated with varying frequency,

WebsiteDevOps "stuff" lives at mostly loosed defined as DevOps projects not done only by myself anymore and are a group effort using this umbrella that carries no other meaning.

Things that I dont keep here on LP then likely live in one of my very numerous but unfortunately not indexed all under a single name or page ... yet ... but most are at and and I'll add the others linked on those sometime very soon I hope.

Socially I do have a facebook at but be warned now that I never log in unless its a dire emergency , and when I do if you have sent me 10000 game invites then I'll likely ignore you ... in real life as well, lol.

G+ has my Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the rest on its profile for me and I tend to keep[ Google mostly up to date , I'm at on G+ .

On Reddit I sometimes post with the account but largely I just read it and never log into it much either :)

Lastly on IM I'm at GTalk/MSN/XMPP all three under the alias of <email address hidden> or ICQ #12016213 ...


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