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Discuss requirements with Desktop Team and others on how the existing Upstart user sessions need to be enhanced to provide suitable facilities to the desktop. = Key Questions = * What needs to be stored in a "session"? (list of entities and data types) * What interfaces are required to such sessions? * Is the...
= Summary = Upstart is not currently able to retain state across a re-exec. Re-exec is useful in the following scenarios: (1) The version of Upstart is upgraded. (2) An Upstart dependency (eglibc, libnih) is upgraded. (3) Upstart is run from the initramfs. Without full re-exec support, upgrades are complicated ...
= Summary = We have lots of ideas for changes we'd like to make to Upstart this cycle. This blueprint will outline those features at a relatively high level. Ideas (highly incomplete list currently): - Fully segregated SystemV / Upstart system shutdown - Introduce "setuid" and "setgid" stanzas to allow jobs to r...
Finish Upstart for Ubuntu
Upstart's design is too simple. The goal of the next version is to fix problems based on deployment experience while retaining the "Upstartishness", and reach an elegant, simple design that we don't need to change again: i.e. 1.0.