== General Linux Advice ==

* Have your information on a seperate partition, so you can reinstall the OS without losing info. I have 7 partitions on one hard drive: XP fat43, three linux OS, one linux swap, one large linux area for data, and one large fat32 area. If one linux partition has problems, I can switch to another with all my data available.

* Get a flash drive, even a small one.

== Notes for Ubuntu ==

* Use the Unofficial Guide or the Add-on CD.

* If Gnome doesn't load after running k3b before reboot:
sudo chown your-user-name:your-user-name .ICEauthority

* For 5.04, get to networking working run pppoeconf and then comment out make_resolv_conf() in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-script. So far upgrading to 5.10 requires me to run pppoeconf after every reboot and apache2 doesn't start.

* To get MySQL running [...]

* To get 4DOS-like history, add [...]

* Add bash aliases [...]

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