I am passionate about a hell of a lot of things. Way too many.

In terms of what sane people call work, I try to make great software. Software that is every bit as much of a design achievement as that of an engineering one.

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Many widget styles use similar Cairo procedures to draw rounded rectangles and other shapes. So the convenience API should cover all redundant drawing procedures across the widget portfolio. This also makes it easier to develop new widget styles and reduces eventual issues related to code replication.
The Clutter 1.10 API deprecates some code and introduces new API and new "best practices". - Substitute "Clutter.CairoTexture" with "Clutter.Content". - Switch to the new animations API. - Better use of built-in Clutter constraints and layouts. - CLUTTER_REQUIRED to 1.10
API documentation for Glitter
Generate API documentation for the Glitter Toolkit.
Create human interface guidelines for the Glitter Toolkit. Glitter should break away from the status quo of HI design by focusing on ease of use, ergonomics and visual subtlety.
The nublo theme targets desktop applications offering attractive visuals and ergonomic controls. This theme implements fixed widget sizes (in resolution independent units, of course).

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