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Healthcheck middleware for Ceilometer
Monitoring of the healthcheck middleware.
This blueprint is about adding a Cassandra based driver to Ceilometer in order to store, at least, samples.
Notifications API in Oslo is currently very generic and doesn't many structuring fields on the payload sent. That doesn't help engine that would like to store, index and analyzes the event notifications. Adding more documented fields that should/mut be present in notifiations could help a lot in this regard.
The goal of this blueprint is to be able to use oslo.messaging without using a configuration file/object, while keeping its usage possible and not breaking compatibility with OpenStack applications.
Improvements for API v2 for Ceilometer
The API needs to evolve in order to solve more advanced questions from billing engines such as: - Give me the maximum usage of a resource that lasted more than 1h - Give me the use of a resource over a period of time, listing changes by increment of X volume over a period of Y time - Provide additional statistical ...

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