I work for Canonical.

I am currently the IT Risk and Compliance Programme Manager. I also help out the BootStack team. My previous positions have been:
 * TDY as the Linaro IT Services Manager (http://www.linaro.org/)
 * TDY as the Linaro Engineering Program Manager (http://www.linaro.org/)
 * Canonical OEM Operations Manager
 * Manager of Launchpad.net Releases Team
 * Launchpad.net Project Manager

I often say that I'm the village idiot at work. I work with such highly intelligent people that it's often impossible not to feel humbled. Canonical is a great place to work. We're often hiring so be sure to check out http://www.ubuntu.com/employment regularly.

My Canonical blog is http://voices.canonical.com/joey.stanford/

Github: https://github.com/rinchen

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