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Improve the icons for Alarm Clock Applet
Alarm Clock needs some better icons! Problems with the current icons: - Poor visibility on dark backgrounds - They stand out from stock GNOME/Tango icons. - The type indicator icons are too colorful. - Newly added support for app indicators raise the need for an attention seeking version of the status icon. 1. An ...
Improve the User Interface for Alarm Clock Applet
The user interface can be greatly improved. Most importantly, the list alarms dialog is confusing and could perhaps be moved to a popup window below the panel icon. Other areas of improvements: - Make the snooze / clear alarm functionality more easily accessible. - ...
Ubuntu Alarm Clock for Ubuntu
An alarm clock integrated with the GNOME date applet, or the packaging of gnome-alarm-applet from so that one doesn't have to create an evolution appointment every time one needs to set a quick reminder. Would be nice to integrate with gnome-power-manager too (as in h...

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