My name is Jose Luis Figueroa (aka JoLFiG), 50 years old, computer engineer, born in Cajamarca Peru. In the time I moved to Brazil (for college) and then to Chile (for love). I live in Chile since 1990.

I'm a fan of Linux since 1995, in the romantic days, first because of curiosity, then by necessity. I tried several distros like Debian, Mandrake, SuSE, Red Hat, Conectiva. Subsequently Fedora, Mandriva, and some others, until I met Ubuntu at the end of 2004. I enjoyed Ubuntu since its first version.

I have worked independently in the distribution of Linux (mainly Ubuntu) for 5 years. Now I have integrated into the local communities (LoCo Teams) in Spain, Venezuela, Bolivia, Perú and Chile.

I believe deeply in change generated from education process. I'm focused on schools and teachers as a means of exchange.

Agente Transformador e Ingeniero en los ratos libres.

Actualmente trabajando en la difusión de UBUNTU y sus sabores en diferentes colegios de Calama y San Pedro de Atacama.

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