KOSAL is a philanthropic group aiming to fill the void in Khmer translations for free open source software.

The word "kosal" in Khmer (កុសល) means "good deed, virtue".

Reading is one of the greatest sources of knowledge, and at the moment there are so many holes in Khmer operational and documentation translations for open source software, but there shouldn't be! An entire population shouldn't have to learn English to use free software!

As it is currently a one-man initiative (and I am not Khmer!), personally translating everything myself is both too time-consuming and sometimes beyond my existing language ability, so outsourcing translation to a Khmer translation agency using personal funds will for now be its sole source of propulsion. I am currently negotiating the terms of this.

If you have a desire to help this cause, contact me! I would love to add you to the group as well as have someone to plan the direction of KOSAL with. At the moment for legal reasons and to keep things simple on start-up, I am not accepting monetary donations. However if you have the Khmer language skills to provide fluent and accurate translations, you can start contributing straight away!

Eventually I would like to set up a simple website to document the progress and showcase members.

Initially I will be focusing on Mint translations (as it is my OS of choice), along with the Cinnamon desktop. A long-term goal is to see Blender translated, as well as holes in GIMP and other beloved OS programs filled. I see help docs as an important part of software translation as well.

For anyone interested, please contact me through one of the links on this page.

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