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Merge MySQL 5.6.17 for Percona Server
Merge MySQL 5.6.17.
MySQL grabs the MDL_SHARED_NO_READ_WRITE for optimize table. TokuDB's optimize table allows concurrent reads and writes. This patch allows the storage engine to tell MySQL to downgrade the MDL to MDL_SHARED_WRITE before optimize table really does its work. See
TokuDB supports message based upserts and fast updates which avoids the read in a typical read modify write implementation. This improves performance. The MySQL 5.6 patches are here:
Auto increment any column for Percona Server
The auto increment patch ensures a reasonable behavior for batched inserts when the auto increment field is not the first field in an index. The MySQL 5.6 patch is here:
Age-based flush list flushing for Percona Server
Implement new, age-based flush list flushing heuristics. buf_flush_list() flush list flush algorithm in MySQL 5.6 has the following properties. - Flushing is limited by both the maximum page count (min_n arg) and the desired new oldest oldest_modification in the buffer pool (lsn_limit) arg. Flushing stops when eit...

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