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Merge MySQL 5.6.23 for Percona Server
Merge MySQL 5.6.23. Add testcases for: 74292, 74671 (linked 1385036), 74447 Set to Fix Released /
Age-based flush list flushing for Percona Server
Implement new, age-based flush list flushing heuristics. buf_flush_list() flush list flush algorithm in MySQL 5.6 has the following properties. - Flushing is limited by both the maximum page count (min_n arg) and the desired new oldest oldest_modification in the buffer pool (lsn_limit) arg. Flushing stops when eit...
Initial port to 5.7 for Percona Server
Porting process: - create a 5.6/5.7 GCA branch (see the linked branches of this blueprint), check and revert patches to be dropped on that branch. 5.6.16 is fully merged to 5.7.4. 5.6.20 is fully merged to 5.7.5 On porting: - remove --source include/ and ENGINE=InnoDB from non-InnoDB-specific testcas...
With dynamic row format in MEMORY, it is unnecessary to use MyISAM for temporary tables using large VARCHARs or BLOBs. Make the server use MEMORY tables and fix any bugs. Would be great to have run-time switch (global | session) to use old or new engine. If that is too hard - startup option also is fine. Switch is...

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