Let me introduce myself... I'm a 25 year old boy who uses and works with free software (linux) since 98. I've contributed to lot's of free software projects (sorry i can't remember all) including debian, gentoo and gnome. Around 2005 i've become a Gentoo Developer working on Gnome, media-optical (burning), sound and amd64 teams. Since 2006 i've become a co-maintainer of Brasero burning application and contributing for misc Gnome applications such as muine, beagle, banshee and recently i've become a bugsquad, patchsquad member and zenity co-maintainer. I'm also a proud GNOME foundation member. From July 2007 i've left Gentoo development and start using and contributing to openSUSE. Aside from computers i'm have a Master degree in Physics Engineering at University of Aveiro.
My blog is hosted at: http://lmedinas.livejournal.com.

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