Main Aim:
The aim of the team is to contribute to the provision of an appropriate range of relevant software in Gaeilge, the Irish language.

Team working;
Members of the team are encouraged to work collaboratively in producing translations that are intuitively easy to understand for users and that will contribute to the effective use of the software concerned. The methods of working will promote effective teamwork by honouring the commitment of individuals to make their own contributions and encouraging a team ownership of the output created.

A Core Value:
A core value of the decision-making process, where there are differences, is firstly to seek agreement between members but, failing that agreement, to leave disputed items aside temporarily and to continue seeking a solution to which all members will commit.

Individual members are encouraged to offer leadership when appropriate to the task in hand and to follow the leadership of others when it is effective.

Membership of the team is a voluntary contribution by the individual and will be respected as such. Membership of all members is deemed to be temporary in the sense that it may not always be possible for individuals to maintain continuous commitment and involvement. For that reason individual membership will expire after 360 days and membership should be renewed and will be accepted, subject to the consensus of team members.

As a member, you may contribute as much as you wish, or as little as you have time to do. A primary consideration of the team is to encourage each member to make their optimum contribution and to promote the development of individual and team skills in translation and thereby to contribute to the development of Gaeilge as a living, world language.

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