INTERLINGUA: Benvenite a le pagina pro le traductores de Interlingua pro Launchpad.
Nostre intention es facer traductiones al Interlingua de projectos in Launchpad.

Como unir se: Si tu vole unir te, invia un e-posta a <email address hidden> aut <email address hidden> ubi nos pote assignar te un file per traducer, anque tu pote dicer nos el projecto que tu vole traducer.

Ressources util:
- Wiki:
- Glossario: Ora es usate le glossario ab TranslateWiki ( ma isto pote cambiar tosto.

Welcome to the Launchpad Interlingua translators page.
Our purpose is to make translations in Interlingua language for the projects currently hosted at Launchpad.

How to join: If you want to join: send us a e-mail to <email address hidden> or <email address hidden>, where we will send you a file to translate. Also you can tell us what project do you want to translate if you are sure you work with.

Useful resources:
- Wiki:
- Glossary: Currently we are using the glossary/translation guidelines from TranslateWiki but this could change anytime soon.

Traduction de software al Interlingua

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