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Network per Namespace for kuryr-kubernetes
To easy devops operations it is convenient to have the option to have a network allocated to each namespace, so that it is easier to clean up resources allocated to it. In order to provide such functionality, a new handler watching for namespaces events, as well as a new subnet driver in charge of the networks reso...
kuryr-manage cli tool for kuryr-kubernetes
We need a kuryr-manage cli tool. This tool should work with subcommands. The first one to add is the subports command: kuryr-manage subports list - Lists the subports managed by Kuryr-kubernetes kuryr-manage subports free - Deletes all the subports managed by kuryr-kubernetes The implementation should be u...
Add support for OpenDaylight to Kuryr-Kubernetes, so that Kuryr can be used to bridge baremetal and nested containers-VM networking in OpenDaylight-based OpenStack deployments.

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