This team provides "bleeding edge" backports of commonly used programs for Lucid (10.04). This PPA targets those users that cannot wait for official backports, or in case backports are not provided (for custom OEM builds of hardy, where backports are not provided).

Keep in mind that not all packages can be backported. In order to preserve system stability, only packages that requires no (or very minimal) updated dependencies are backported. For this reason, packages in this repository that are older than the current stable ones, will not updated.

NOTE TO USERS: in order to use this repository a membership is NOT required. Membership is required for developers that would like to actively develop the PPA. Please do not request membership if you do not intend to actively develop Lucid-bleed. If you do intend to participate in the development of the ppa for Lucid-bleed, please send a note stating your intent for contribution. Blank requests for memberships will be automatically declined.

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