My name is Francis Earl. I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona.

I was born in Coventry, England and moved around a great deal as a child.

I started using Ubuntu Linux the day the Warty Preview was released. I was already using Debian for 5 years and Gnome for a short time, and many of the little tweaks back then, I was already doing to my desktop. I figured, why do all this work every time I install?

I enjoyed seeing Ubuntu grow, but I eventually ventured back to Debian.

I hope to stay with Ubuntu this time however, and obide by the Code of Conduct from this point on (I was banned from #ubuntu and #kubuntu because I insisted others learn, however I understand not everyone wants to).

I hope to become much more envolved this time. Although this will correspond with how I communicate with the community this time around.

I hope my past will not be held against me as I was still genuinely helpful I feel, and the community can't go wrong with another fairly knowledgeable user around.

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