My time here in Launchpad is mostly spent trying to answer questions where I can.
I also contribute bug reports to the Ubuntu Manual project, and am the developer of Create Background Slideshow, a wallpaper slideshow creator for the GNOME desktop.


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Being able to select and alter the timings of more than one one image at once would make changes to imported slideshows much easier.
For constantly transitioning slideshows, such as the All-Day Wallpaper, it would easier if the transition automatically used the duration value, or there was a button that quickly copied the value across.
Pare down the main GUI for Create Background Slideshow
Reduce the clutter of the main window. Move toolbar to top. Scrap notebook in favour of an iconic switcher button for Defaults/Selected. Only have duration and transition, in drop-downs. Move other options to a separate Preferences dialog.
Use comboboxes to select the timings for Create Background Slideshow
Comboboxes can contain a few "typical" timings, as well as "Default"/"Auto" and a custom timing. Follow the combobox with an "Edit" button to change the custom timing, which will pop up a few widgets for selecting the new duration/transition along with an OK button.
Add a 'slideshow length' selector, coupled to a checkbox that selects to adjust the default duration of images so that the total duration of the slideshow matches the chosen length. Based on the first comment at gnome-look.org, from TheWiseDj http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=125710