Hi! My name's Marten de Vries, however I'm also known as commandoline on the internet. I live in the Netherlands. Projects I'm working on include Python-PouchDB, OpenTeacher and Code of Conduct Signing Assistant.

You can also give my Ubuntu Wiki pages a look:
http://wiki.ubuntu-nl.org/marten-de-vries (Dutch)
http://wiki.ubuntu.com/marten-de-vries (English)

Github account: https://github.com/marten-de-vries
Website: https://ma.rtendevri.es/

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This was unfeasible a couple of years ago, but it seems like all the packages which weren't ported then, have now been. Similar in scope to the Qt4 -> Qt 5 migration, though. Requires a lot of changes
Write a tutorial for Python-PouchDB
Something a bit easier to get started with than the API documentation.