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Performance improvements for kolla-ansible
Investigate, benchmark and implement performance improvements for kolla ansible. Discussion here:
Keepalived routes and rules for kolla-ansible
Keepalived supports configuring IP rules and routes on an interface via 'virtual_rules' and 'virtual_routes' options in keepalived.conf. This can be useful if using policy-based routing, or if required routes are not routable when a VIP is not active.
A cross-project goal for Stein, many projects have added support for upgrade checks. We should run the checks during the upgrade command, and also add a new upgrade-check command to run only the checks. Upgrade checkers topic in Gerrit:
Add support for TLS encryption of RabbitMQ client-server traffic. For security advice, message queue like rabbitmq should support ssl configurations to avoiding vulnerability like: AMQP clear text authentication vulnerability ans also consider disable outdated TLS version such as: SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 or othe...
During the 'kolla-ansible check' command, check that all expected containers are running.