Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
etckeeper Ubuntu Jaunty 0.25 None
libass Ubuntu Jaunty 0.9.5-2 None
groovy Ubuntu Intrepid 1.5.6-2 None
music-applet Ubuntu Hardy 2.3.1-1~hardy1 None
opensc Ubuntu Hardy 0.11.4-2ubuntu2 None
obex-data-server Ubuntu Hardy 0.3.1-0ubuntu1 None
mplayer Ubuntu Hardy 2:1.0~rc2-0ubuntu12 None
reprepro Ubuntu Hardy 3.3.2-1 None
unhide Ubuntu Hardy 20071102-2 None
rkhunter Ubuntu Hardy 1.3.0-3 None
vsftpd Ubuntu Hardy 2.0.6-1ubuntu1 None
taxbird Ubuntu Hardy 0.11-1 None
mail-notification Ubuntu Hardy 4.1.dfsg.1-4.1ubuntu1 None
firestarter Ubuntu Hardy 1.0.3-6ubuntu2 None
bluez-gnome Ubuntu Hardy 0.15-0ubuntu2 None
tomcat5.5 Ubuntu Hardy 5.5.25-5ubuntu1 None
gnome-utils Ubuntu Hardy None
cowdancer Ubuntu Gutsy 0.41 None
bluez-gnome Ubuntu Gutsy 0.13-1ubuntu1 None
wxwidgets2.8 Ubuntu Gutsy None
wxwidgets2.6 Ubuntu Gutsy None
vlc Ubuntu Gutsy 0.8.6.release-0ubuntu5 None
bluez-btsco Ubuntu Feisty 1:0.50-0ubuntu1 None
topal Ubuntu Feisty None
mod-dnssd Ubuntu Feisty 0.4-1.1build1 None
pyslide Ubuntu Feisty 0.4-7build1 None
apache2-mpm-itk Ubuntu Feisty 2.2.3-01-1build1 None
apt-proxy Ubuntu Feisty 1.9.35ubuntu2 None
exaile Ubuntu Feisty 0.2.7+debian-1ubuntu1 None
wxwidgets2.6 Ubuntu Edgy None
wxwidgets2.6 Ubuntu Feisty None
sbuild Ubuntu Edgy 0.50 None
python-libgmail Ubuntu Edgy None
sg3-utils Ubuntu Dapper 1.21-1ubuntu1~dapper1 None
kaffe Ubuntu Edgy 2:1.1.7-4 lpia
phpgroupware Ubuntu Dapper None
altermime Ubuntu Dapper 0.3.7-2~dapper1 None
compiz-plugins Ubuntu Edgy 0.5-0ubuntu4 None
tomcat5 Ubuntu Edgy 5.0.30-11 None
tailor Ubuntu Edgy 0.9.26-1 None
pioneers Ubuntu Edgy 0.10.2-1 None
nicotine Ubuntu Edgy None
mldonkey Ubuntu Edgy 2.8.1-1 None
mc Ubuntu Edgy 1:4.6.1-5 None
linuxtv-dvb-apps Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.1-2 None
libmoose-perl Ubuntu Edgy 0.12-1 Not yet built
lat Ubuntu Edgy 1.0.7-1 None
horde3 Ubuntu Edgy 3.1.3-1 None
gnumed-client Ubuntu Edgy 0.2.2a-1 None
gmailfs Ubuntu Edgy 0.7.2-2 None
fragroute Ubuntu Edgy 1.2-7.1 None
fish Ubuntu Edgy 1.21.12-1 None
egroupware Ubuntu Edgy 1.2-105.dfsg-1 None
classpath Ubuntu Edgy 2:0.92-3 ia64
checkgmail Ubuntu Edgy 1.10-1 None
buildbot Ubuntu Edgy 0.7.4-1 None
altermime Ubuntu Edgy 0.3.7-2 None
boost Ubuntu Edgy 1.33.1-7ubuntu1 None
apt-proxy Ubuntu Edgy 1.9.35ubuntu1 None
exiv2 Ubuntu Edgy 0.10-1.3ubuntu1 None
lxdoom Ubuntu Edgy 1.4.4main-0.1ubuntu1 hppa lpia
xulrunner Ubuntu Edgy None
sgt-puzzles Ubuntu Edgy 6844-2 None
rkhunter Ubuntu Edgy 1.2.8-5 None
ivtv Ubuntu Edgy 0.7.0-2 None
crack-attack Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.14-5ubuntu3 None
spamassassin Ubuntu Edgy 3.1.4-1ubuntu1 None
alleyoop Ubuntu Edgy 0.9.0-6ubuntu1 None
neon Ubuntu Dapper 0.25.5.dfsg-5 None
169 of 69 results