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Lets go through the tools we maintain and review (and plan a fix) the state of integration level testing. This is what comes to my mind: - autopilot - autopilot-qt4/qt5/gtk - gtester2xunit - pyruntest - xpathselect - window-mocker
Lets plan what we need to do on our jenkins: - build archiving/cleanup - jenkins-launchpad-plugin packaging (? we need tarmac to be packaged first) - new process when it comes to managing jobs (lp:cupstream2distro-config) - HW status and plans
Review the current state of QA dashboard for upstream projects. Review the metrics we want and sync with the latest status of lp:cupstream2distro.
Lets review the latest state of lp:cupstream2distro and lp:cupstream2distro-config and lets how we can consolidate the daily release/integration testing. Part of this effort should be also to identify what tests/jobs we can/need to add for the mobile world.

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