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Granular placement policy for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Build on from Ocata to provider granular policy enforcement in the Placement API. Currently, everything in the Placement API is hard-coded to require users with the 'admin' role. In this blueprint, we will add per-route policy rules and allow t...
Use neutrons new port binding API for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Nova side changes for the neutron spec for a portbinding API: To be used during live migration.
Put HostManager._instance_info on a diet for OpenStack Compute (nova)
This is a specless blueprint to cleanup some technical debt between the compute manager and host manager in the scheduler. The default scheduler driver is the filter scheduler, and the affinity/anti-affinity filters/weighers are enabled/loaded by default. Those rely on the _instance_info cache in the HostManager w...
Nova currently uses the terms flavor and instance type interchangeably in both user facing tools and in code. Lets pick just one.

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