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Neutron offers virtual network management functionality. Since we can define any number of networks/subnets in a flexible way, so virtual network topologies tend to map security policy. On the other hand, we can specify security group on a per port basis. In this blueprint, we are proposing the addition of security_...
Integrate VPN with service types.
API specs for OpenStack Quality Assurance
Nova, Glance, Swift, KeyStone and NetStack must have a WADL as a spec. Based on the spec, we should test. -Current Status Nova and Keystone has WADL so it could be used. (But some specs mismatch with code) Nova api specs Glance Swift...
Nova exception and log handling policy for OpenStack Quality Assurance
Exception and logging policy ==================================================== Followings are OpenStack exception and logging levels. CRITICAL - destruction of data caused by system - stop of all function of Nova - each component output message to log   - should specify what component caused problem   ex). when...