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After talk with SH, it's useful to get the list of applied product types for each device. In extraction/metadata, a new option could be added : "Product types", "List of product types for each device". This list must contains: - device name - product type name - product type comment - number of products for this type
§ p34 This extraction respects the permissions. Same idea as in, but for the composition. The use selects the products by main product types, product types and one parameter. Data (averages, stddev, minimum, max...
§ p25 In free access, reference data can be extracted, about mineralisation conditions. It is more general than . The output is the list of the various conditions (temperature, humidity, soil properties). It is a si...
§ p 33 In free access, an extraction of reference data lists all parameters by parameter types, with units and methods
§ p 32 Same ideas as, but for composition. In free access, reference data can be extracted, about composition data: - number of product types by main product type - number of products by product types It is a simpl...

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