Team participation for Nobuto Murata

Nobuto Murata is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Expires Role Via Mailing List
CPE SA 2017-05-07 Member
Canonical content creators Member insights.u.c editors
Elasticsearch Charmers Member FE Team, [private team] Subscribed
FCE Access Member [private team], Foundation Team
FE Team 2020-08-14 Admin
Foundation Team 2017-06-28 Member Subscribed
Graylog Charmers Member FE Team, [private team] Subscribed
Japanese packages for testers 2010-03-16 Member
Juju Demo 2014-06-19 Member Subscribed
Launchpad Japanese Translators Member Ubuntu Japanese Team Subscribed
Launchpad Translators 2010-01-07 Member Subscribed
MAAS Deployers 2015-08-21 Member Subscribed
MAAS Development 2015-06-05 Member
Orange Box Member CPE SA
Orange Box Examples Member CPE SA
PGA Admins 2023-08-14 Member
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
Takao Fonts Maintainers 2010-03-07 Member
The Musashino team 2015-03-10 Member
Ubuntu App Developer site editors Member Canonical content creators, insights.u.c editors
Ubuntu BugSquad 2010-07-12 2024-10-06 Member
Ubuntu CJK Testers 2010-05-04 Member
Ubuntu Japanese Kaizen Team Member Ubuntu Japanese Team
Ubuntu Japanese Team 2009-08-11 Member
Ubuntu Japanese Translators Member Ubuntu Japanese Team Subscribed
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Taiwan Local Community, Ubuntu CJK Testers
Ubuntu Members 2011-01-21 2025-01-17 Member
Ubuntu Taiwan Local Community Member Ubuntu CJK Testers
Ubuntu Wiki Editors Member Ubuntu Members
Ubuntu in the Enterprise 2012-11-01 Member Subscribed
fce-OP-173043 2021-11-16 Owner
fce-OP-178108 2020-06-26 Admin
fce-aarnet 2022-11-07 Owner
fce-astrazeneca 2019-11-06 Owner
fce-bits 2020-09-18 Owner
fce-f5 2019-11-15 Owner
fce-grnet 2019-05-20 Admin
fce-jnx 2020-10-01 Owner
fce-netweb 2018-12-05 Owner
fce-omnicore 2018-12-07 Owner
fce-pointnext 2024-01-29 Admin
fce-supermicro Member Foundation Team
fce-swissquote 2019-01-09 Owner
fce-tislabs 2019-04-22 Owner
indicator-presentation 2015-03-29 Owner
insights.u.c editors 2020-01-21 Member
maas-sailor 2014-07-25 Owner
ubuntu-font-mono-nohinting 2015-04-11 Owner