At INRA, I developed on Launchpad:
- Datum <> as the application for sharing the
  science data for the team projects.
- PaGeDo <>,
  « Partage et Gestion de Documents »:
  "Document sharing and management",
  a web file manager for intranet. The interface allows
  uploads, downloads, previews and management of files.
- BordEuro <>, web editor for your order forms

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The integration can fail during the SQL execution due to various problems (UK, precision for NUMERIC, length of VARCHAR columns). Adding checks on these columns could facilitate the use.
§3.4 Rights will be opened by - action (read/write) - data type (composition, mineralization, IR measures, product information) - laboratory (of product owner) -- author (product owner) - main product type -- product type --- product Moreover, for composition: - mode - parameter type -- parameter For mineralizatio...
When a user wants to add a product, maybe he is the product author itself. So, adding its information automatically, on demand, could simplify the administration. Then, the synchronization should be done from the Datum database to the soeretypo database for all these users.
§3.5 Will be synchronized from BasePRO, associated to the compartment PRO: - parameter types, - parameters, - methods, - units, BaseTypo will kept more parameter types/parameters/... on the PRO compartment than BasePRO, so the synchronization will not be the only origin for records. Chemical and biochemical compos...
A single action will proceed all synchronization in the right order. 1/ the products will be imported from BasePRO 2/ the sample and associated data from BaseEch 3/ data will be exported to BasePRO 4/ user information will be synchronized from Datum

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