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In at least two places (_clone_image_volume() in the create_volume flow and _get_query_filters() in the image cache) Cinder assumes that a driver cannot clone a volume into a different storage pool. Some drivers do not have such a restriction and it may be possible to complete the "create volume from image" operatio...
StorPool backend for VM images for OpenStack Compute (nova)
There are various Nova image backend drivers allowing VM images to be stored on specific types of storage, such as LVM, RBD, or directly on the host filesystem as files. The purpose of this blueprint is to add a driver for creating and storing the VM image as a volume in a StorPool cluster.
There are various Glance image backend drivers providing access to network-attached storage, such as GridFS, Sheepdog, RBD, etc. The purpose of this blueprint is to add a driver supporting the volumes defined in a StorPool cluster.

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