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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
fortunes-mario Debian Sid 0.21-1.1 None
python-cdd Ubuntu Focal 0.0.11+nmu1build1 None
debpartial-mirror Ubuntu Focal 0.3.1+nmu1build1 None
python-cups Ubuntu Artful 1.9.73-1build2 None
trac Debian Sid 1.2+dfsg-1 None
suede Debian Sid 0.2.5-1.1 None
gartoon Debian Sid 0.5-4.1 None
python-cups Debian Sid 1.9.73-1 None
python-cups Ubuntu Xenial 1.9.73-0ubuntu2 None
debpartial-mirror Debian Sid 0.3.1+nmu1 None

PPA packages

3 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
freerdp Remmina - Ubuntu Karmic 0.0.0+git20100604-1~ppa1 None
freerdp Test - Ubuntu Karmic 0.0.0+git20100603-1~ppa1 None