I am a results-driven technology executive with 24+ years of professional experience and a rich blend of strategic leadership, product development expertise, and deep-seated passion for open-source software. I am currently working as the Software Development Manager for the core engine team delivering the Amazon RDS for MySQL and MariaDB services. Before it I was the CEO of Seravo until 2021, and the CEO of MariaDB Foundation until 2018.

Related to Ubuntu, I used to work for Seravo Oy, which owns Linux-tuki.fi and is a former Ubuntu Affiliate (until program was renamed and terms changed). Linux-tuki.fi provides general Linux support services, but most of the clients run Ubuntu. In 2008 Linux-tuki also sold pre-installed Ubuntu laptops until Intel distributor stopped providing the hardware.

I've been involved in the making of localized Linux-CDs. Of Ubuntu I've made Finnish versions since the release of Ubuntu Linux 5.04 Fi. I'm responsible for the administration of www.ubuntu.fi and www.valo-cd.fi, member of FSFE and COSS and in general very active Linux and FOSS promoter in Finland.

My activities in the Linux community are quite numerous, too many to list here..

See blog at https://optimizedbyotto.com/

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