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Better search in 'edit deck' for The Mnemosyne Project
When searching among thousands of items, 'edit deck's search feature is very clumsy, as it uses the bad old modal style of searching for a fixed string only on request. Incremental search/find-as-you-type, as made in Emacs and Firefox, is a vastly more pleasant way to search; it is more flexible, provides more feedb...
Currently, the Edit Deck window allows sorting by Question text, Answer text, and Category. I think it would be useful to allow other types of sorting options. Every item in the Card Statistics menu for an individual card (difficulty, days since last repetition, etc) is something numerically quantifiable and meaning...
Often, I will have made new cards in Mnemosyne but I forget to save them and my system crashes or whatever and I need to re-etnter all these cards. This can be very frustrating, especially since nearly all my other applications frequently autosave and I never have to worry about saving something. The current schem...
Windows mobile client for The Mnemosyne Project
Write a windows mobile frontend using the ppygui toolkit . Just a program to do the revisions should be enough. The amount of work to do this should be fairly limited, as most of the GUI indepent logic is moved to libmnemosyne. More specifically, you should implement the equivalent of ...
Ways to avoid directly repeating cards for The Mnemosyne Project
It's a wonderful program, but cards are often repeated directly after the user rates them. This can be avoided through two modifications. First, when the user rates a card, it should never be placed on top of the "to learn today" stack, regardless of what the sorting algorithm returns. The earliest option should ...

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