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Close out iMX for Linaro Android
We going to shut down iMX support for now. There's a few things we need to do to shut things down cleanly. This BP will track those things.
Android Build Configs in GIT for Linaro Android Build Tools
android-build jobs currently use the build configuration field in jenkins to maintain a few options needed to reproduce the build. The configuration data discussed here includes information about manifest branch location, but also things like build optimization flags, toolchain parameterizations and source overlay U...
Each one of our Android builds should have device tree enabled. This BP will track landing it in each build we do.
We need to build a set of unit tests that test each interface of the ConnectivityManager which is part of the package and integrate those tests into LAVA. The ConnectivityManager is documented here: The monkeyrunner tool is doc...
SD Card Mux for Linaro Android
We've got a preliminary design for an SD card mux. We'll try and get some boards made and make this very useful tool a reality this cycle. See notes at:

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