The idea of PhenoData is to allow HEP researchers to centrally store digital data (digitized curves from figures, tables etc) from those HEP papers which did not provide data in arXiv or HEPData. PhenoData is not intended to be a duplicate of exisiting archives.

The aim of PhenoData is to avoid the duplication of work by HEP researchers on digitizing plots and effectively store them. This database has an easy search interface and paper identification via arXiv, DOI or preprint numbers.

You may view and download existing PhenoData attachments without registration. You can also upload your own data, but to do this you must register at HEPMDB since PhenoData is the part of HEPMDB project. You may add data to existing records on PhenoData, or add a new record for a paper along with the corresponding data.

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