I'm a teacher in a Swiss technical school called the CPLN.

I'm using Linux for some years now. I first started with Suse in its version 6 then chose Debian to "naturally" end up using Ubuntu.

The "natural" choice of Ubuntu has in fact been done for two main reasons:
- First, it's thanks to one of my student, heavily involved in Ubuntu's development and who work now full-time on it.
- Second, I was tired of having to configure every single piece of software I install, recompile from the source, manually tweak the packages, libraries and other modules. Ubuntu just works !

Thanks to my job I'm in touch with various aspects of computer sciences:
- networks
- computer programming (ASM, C, C++, C#, PHP)
- System installation and configuration

But the side effect is that I'm not able to do a lot more than scratching the surface of all of those interesting subjects before I have to move on to something else.

I have a website here : https://druid.es


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