Upcoming work for Martin Pitt

Work items due in 2016-06-30

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-16.06

There are 6 Blueprint work items and 1 Bugs due in 2016-06-30 which are assigned to Martin Pitt

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
fix /usr/share/upstart/sessions/dbus.conf to not launch another session bus with dbus-user-session installed Martin Pitt Done
develop prototype systemd-graphical-session package with the structure and a few example units that suppress the cor... Martin Pitt Done
fix /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90atk-adaptor to also export to dbus/user systemd Martin Pitt Done
check that systemd user units can apply ApparmorProfile= (yes, works) Martin Pitt Done
Provide an option to disable resolved DNS caching (https://github.com/systemd/systemd/pull/3592) Martin Pitt In progress
check if libnss-resolve includes libnss-mdns4 functionality (not yet; it fully implements LLMNR, but not (yet) MDNS) Martin Pitt Done
Bug #1594551: keyfile plugin: Read /run/NetworkManager/system-connections/ network-manager in Ubuntu Martin Pitt Medium Fix Released

Work items due in 2016-07-31

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-16.07

There are 10 Blueprint work items and 0 Bugs due in 2016-07-31 which are assigned to Martin Pitt

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
drop launching dnsmasq from NetworkManager (change "dns=dnsmasq" to "dns=default" or drop the option), add Recommends... Martin Pitt Blocked
Teach NM about directly talking to resolved instead of via /etc/resolv.conf compat mode to get domain specific DNS se... Martin Pitt Todo
Decide whether or not we want caching by default (low privacy issue vs. efficiency), and where Martin Pitt Todo
once resolved grows DNS server, enable that ( Martin Pitt In progress
libnss-resolve: Enable systemd-resolved on install, disable it on removal Martin Pitt Done
seed libnss-resolve Martin Pitt Done
(optional): enable DNSSEC during the development cycle, announce it to watch for corner cases where it breaks (there ... Martin Pitt Done
announce to u-devel@ Martin Pitt Done
port bamfdaemon (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~pitti/bamf/systemd-unit) Martin Pitt In progress
review structure with Laney and seb128 and discuss where to finally place the infra (dbus-user-session?) Martin Pitt In progress

Work items due in 2016-08-31

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-16.08

There are 31 Blueprint work items and 0 Bugs due in 2016-08-31 which are assigned to Martin Pitt

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
package and land in Yakkety (needs official name first) Martin Pitt Blocked
livecd-rootfs: disable restricted NM policy on desktop+touch (via YAML config), so that NM manages all devices there Martin Pitt Blocked
make the YAML specification public Martin Pitt Todo
implementation: type wifi Martin Pitt Todo
implementation: add routes Martin Pitt Todo
implementation: add nameservers Martin Pitt Todo
cloud-init: allow v2 yaml to be specified in userdata, pass it through, deprecate v1 Scott Moser Todo
port MaaS/curtin to emit v2 YAML Ryan Harper Todo
update ubiquity to move from ifupdown to YAML Martin Pitt Todo
update d-i to move from ifupdown to YAML Martin Pitt Todo
implementation: type bond Martin Pitt Todo
write the specification, get it approved Martin Pitt In progress
NetworkManager: ship restricted policy (unmanaged-devices=except:type:wifi,except:type:wwan) by default in the .deb, ... Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre Done
NetworkManager: on upgrades, revert the restricted policy in postinst, to avoid breaking running servers and desktop Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre Done
implementation: general YAML parsing and structure Martin Pitt Done
implementation: type ethernet Martin Pitt Done
implementation: type bridge Martin Pitt Done
implementation: change the default policy globally or a by-type level Martin Pitt Done
implementation: merging of multiple YAML files Martin Pitt Done
implementation: add gcov and code coverage Martin Pitt Done
implementation: disallow name globbing with NM (not supported) Martin Pitt Done
Set up MaaS autopkgtest worker for kernel team MaaS stack Martin Pitt Todo
autopkgtest: Add --class option and run only those tests when given Martin Pitt Todo
worker: Implement class/instance/setup-commands test request parameters Martin Pitt Todo
worker: Put class/instance/scenario/platform-id/setup-commands into testinfo.json Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Move data structures and presentation from "architecture" to "platform-id", falling back to architecture if ... Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Create initial classes.conf for bare-metal and kernel-specific Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Parse test-classes from Sources index, translate to instances/scenarios using classes.conf Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Send test requests with class/instance/scenario/platform-id/setup-commands to right queues Martin Pitt Todo
Add "Classes: bare-metal" to all linux* source flavors Andy Whitcroft Todo
Add "Classes: kernel-specific" to lxc and systemd Martin Pitt Todo

Work items due in 2016-10-20

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-16.10

There are 8 Blueprint work items and 1 Bugs due in 2016-10-20 which are assigned to Martin Pitt

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
enable armhf testing in Scalingstack (too unstable for production due to LP: #1531768) Martin Pitt Blocked
dpkg: record test dependencies in .dsc (#1491145; patch sent, awaiting review) Martin Pitt Blocked
britney: add uploader email notification on regressions Martin Pitt Todo
britney: trigger tests for updated reverse test dependencies Martin Pitt Todo
provide extra triggers lists in hints bzr branch as text instead of britney code Martin Pitt Todo
figure out why ubiquity autopilot ISO tests hang in ScalingStack Martin Pitt Todo
move running.shtml from "polls every 10s" daemon to on-demand cgi-bin Martin Pitt Todo
Disable DNSSEC in resolved for final release Martin Pitt Todo
Bug #1585691: [regression] keyboard backlight is not exported in upower 0.99.4-2git1 upower in Ubuntu Martin Pitt High Fix Released