Upcoming work for Martin Pitt

Work items due in 2015-09-30

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-15.09

There are 12 Blueprint work items and 1 Bugs due in 2015-09-30 which are assigned to Martin Pitt

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
add README.Debian documentation how to switch to networkd (with necessary commands and pointers to details) Martin Pitt Todo
create udev rules and helper services to run if-*.d/ hooks for networkd interfaces Martin Pitt In progress
verify that udev rules get triggered for virtual interfaces (to avoid a permanent daemon listening to events) Martin Pitt Done
create basic autopkgtest for networkd Martin Pitt Done
fix systemd-networkd-wait-online -i to be suitable for the hook support Martin Pitt Done
britney: remove obsolete adt-britney and corresponding lp:auto-package-testing code (needs obsoletion of jenkins DKMS... Martin Pitt Blocked
deployment: create mojo scripts for automated deployment Martin Pitt Todo
(IS) deployment: add enough capacity to DevOps environment Martin Pitt Todo
britney: add uploader email notification on regressions Martin Pitt Todo
(optional) port http://people.canonical.com/~kernel/info/dkms/int-matrix.html to pull results from britney/swift inst... Andy Whitcroft Todo
dkms: Install the kernel given in ADT_TEST_TRIGGER so that we can test drivers against e. g. linux-meta-lts-vivid Martin Pitt Todo
britney: run linux-meta-* triggered dkms packages in separate test requests, as these don't work with the "test again... Martin Pitt Todo
Bug #1485787: package_hook does not include package version apport in Ubuntu Martin Pitt High Fix Committed