Upcoming work for Martin Pitt

Work items due in 2015-08-31

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-15.08

There are 19 Blueprint work items and 0 Bugs due in 2015-08-31 which are assigned to Martin Pitt

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
create udev rules and helper services to run if-*.d/ hooks for networkd interfaces Martin Pitt Todo
add README.Debian documentation how to switch to networkd (with necessary commands and pointers to details) Martin Pitt Todo
fix systemd-networkd-wait-online -i to be suitable for the hook support Martin Pitt In progress
verify that udev rules get triggered for virtual interfaces (to avoid a permanent daemon listening to events) Martin Pitt Done
create basic autopkgtest for networkd Martin Pitt Done
britney: remove obsolete adt-britney and corresponding lp:auto-package-testing code Martin Pitt Blocked
deployment: add landscape and ksplice charms Martin Pitt Todo
deployment: create mojo scripts for automated deployment Martin Pitt Todo
debci: extend debci-worker to send results to swift instead of through AMQP (upstreaming our tools) Martin Pitt Todo
deployment: update worker charm/deploy.sh to create second set of worker instances for the other ScalingStack region Martin Pitt Todo
(IS) deployment: add enough capacity to DevOps environment Martin Pitt Todo
britney: add extra "uploaded package" -> "triggered tests" map Martin Pitt Todo
britney: trigger DKMS packages for kernel uploads Martin Pitt Todo
britney: trigger LXC for kernel uploads Martin Pitt Todo
britney: switch authoritative data from adt-britney to cloud Martin Pitt In progress
britney: set up configurations for SRU testing Martin Pitt Done
create worker for processing requests on LXC Martin Pitt Done
deployment: move armhf/ppc64el autopkgtest slaves from jenkins to amqp/swift Martin Pitt Done
debci: fix broken data/status/*/*/packages.json Martin Pitt Done