Upcoming work for Martin Pitt

Work items due in 2017-04-13

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From Ubuntu ubuntu-17.04

There are 10 Blueprint work items and 0 Bugs due in 2017-04-13 which are assigned to Martin Pitt

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
Set up MaaS autopkgtest worker for kernel team MaaS stack Martin Pitt Todo
autopkgtest: Add --class option and run only those tests when given Martin Pitt Todo
worker: Implement class/instance/setup-commands test request parameters Martin Pitt Todo
worker: Put class/instance/scenario/platform-id/setup-commands into testinfo.json Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Move data structures and presentation from "architecture" to "platform-id", falling back to architecture if ... Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Create initial classes.conf for bare-metal and kernel-specific Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Parse test-classes from Sources index, translate to instances/scenarios using classes.conf Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Send test requests with class/instance/scenario/platform-id/setup-commands to right queues Martin Pitt Todo
Add "Classes: bare-metal" to all linux* source flavors Andy Whitcroft Todo
Add "Classes: kernel-specific" to lxc and systemd Martin Pitt Todo