Upcoming work for Martin Pitt

Work items due in 2015-12-31

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-15.12

There are 7 Blueprint work items and 1 Bugs due in 2015-12-31 which are assigned to Martin Pitt

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
set up LXC based autopkgtesting on s390, once hardware is available Martin Pitt Blocked
deployment: add enough capacity to DevOps environment (RT#84348) Canonical IS Todo
britney: produce update_output_notest.txt with a dry run ignoring test results, for easier transitions Martin Pitt Todo
add "maas" backend to autopkgtest worker Martin Pitt Todo
provide extra triggers lists in hints bzr branch as text instead of britney code Martin Pitt In progress
test armhf containers in arm64 scalingstack instances Martin Pitt In progress
figure out firewall changes with IS for ProdStack <-> kernel team MaaS (RT#86742) Martin Pitt Done
Bug #1519677: add lxd backend autopkgtest in Ubuntu Martin Pitt Wishlist Triaged

Work items due in 2016-01-31

Overall completion:  

From Ubuntu ubuntu-16.01

There are 16 Blueprint work items and 1 Bugs due in 2016-01-31 which are assigned to Martin Pitt

Blueprint Target Assignee Priority Progress
britney: trigger tests for updated reverse test dependencies Martin Pitt Blocked
set up armhf testing in ScalingStack through running lxd containers in an arm64 instance (needs #1519677) Martin Pitt Blocked
britney: add uploader email notification on regressions Martin Pitt Todo
dpkg: record test dependencies in .dsc (#1491145) Martin Pitt Todo
autopkgtest-cloud: add QEMU backend to worker (for s390) Martin Pitt Todo
figure out why ubiquity autopilot ISO tests hang in ScalingStack Martin Pitt Todo
Set up MaaS autopkgtest worker for kernel team MaaS stack Martin Pitt Todo
autopkgtest: Add --class option and run only those tests when given Martin Pitt Todo
worker: Implement class/instance/setup-commands test request parameters Martin Pitt Todo
worker: Put class/instance/scenario/platform-id/setup-commands into testinfo.json Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Move data structures and presentation from "architecture" to "platform-id", falling back to architecture if ... Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Create initial classes.conf for bare-metal and kernel-specific Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Parse test-classes from Sources index, translate to instances/scenarios using classes.conf Martin Pitt Todo
britney: Send test requests with class/instance/scenario/platform-id/setup-commands to right queues Martin Pitt Todo
Add "Classes: bare-metal" to all linux* source flavors Andy Whitcroft Todo
Add "Classes: kernel-specific" to lxc and systemd Martin Pitt Todo
Bug #1441008: under systemd avahi-daemon doesn't stay disabled when .local is detected avahi in Ubuntu Martin Pitt Medium Triaged