Packages for r5u87x – a bunch of userspace tools to help manage cameras based on Ricoh R5U87x chipsets (
Packaging request: bug #120434

The packages provided (both source and binary) include only the loader software and do not contain the microcode, whose copyright and license status is unclear. Instead, a simple shell script is provided that can download and install the microcode directly from the upstream repository.

1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:r5u87x-loader/ppa
2. sudo apt-get update
3. sudo apt-get install r5u87x
4. sudo /usr/share/r5u87x/

Supported hardware
05ca:1803 Flybook V5
05ca:1810 HP Pavilion Webcam
05ca:1835 Sony Camera VGP-VCC5 (used on Sony Vaio SZ laptops)
05ca:1836 Sony Camera VGP-VCC4 (used on Sony Vaio FE laptops)
05ca:1837 Sony Camera VGP-VCC4 (used on Sony Vaio FZ laptops)
05ca:1839 Sony Camera VGP-VCC6 (used on Sony Vaio CR laptops)
05ca:183a Sony Camera VGP-VCC7 (used on Sony Vaio SZ and TZ11 laptops)
05ca:183b Sony Camera VGP-VCC8 (used on Sony Vaio FZ laptops)
05ca:183e Sony Camera VGP-VCC9 (used on Sony Vaio FZ laptops)
05ca:1841 Fujitsu F01 / Fujitsu Lifebook U810

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