I work as a Laboratory Technician at the LGAI in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Catalonia, near Barcelona). I am a member of Caliu (http://caliu.cat) since 1999. I worked on translations of documentation about software patents: Caliu, FFII, NoSoftwarePatents.com during the 2005 campaign, and I transtated Free Sotware Foundation Europe web site. I gave help to GetGnuLinux web site translation in 2006 and I translated all KOffice suite GUI and documentation components in 2006-2009 and Kdenetwork components in 2008-2009.

I started the Catalan Loco Team in May 2006 and restarted it in December 2006, hoping for new people to replace me as soon as possible, but failing on that. Now, I am the elected LoCo Team Contact. The LoCo has more than 40 members on Launchpad and about 200 on the mailing list.

LoCo: http://ubuntu.cat
Blog: http://blogs.fsfe.org/rcarreras

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